Molchan hall

Our parish community provides our Sanctuary and two facilities (Piper Community Center and Molchan Hall) for celebration of Sacraments (Marriage, Convalidations, Baptisms) and Birthday Blessings (Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen).  Our smaller facility (Molchan Hall) can also accommodate smaller parties such as baby showers or children’s birthday parties.


In order to be able to accommodate our more than 1,500 parish families, the prioritizing of orderly usage and the charging of fees in order to preserve the facilities and provide the necessary support for each activity are as follows:


  • The priority of facilities usage shall be St. Dominic Liturgy, Archdiocese, Ministries, Registered Active Parishioners, and Non-Parishioners.
  • All Lessee’s will be required 100% of the charges which include the basic rental fee, cleaning and police officers as required and a refundable damage deposit.  A non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve the date.  Any event is excess of 99 people and/or serving alcohol will be required to have a minimum of one police officer.  Over 100 will require two police officers.


We will make every effort to support your event.


Basic Rules


  1.  Respect for Church PROPERTY, exemplified behavior must be the norm.
  2. Only the Facilities specifically leased may be used; there can be no interference with regular Church service.  No loitering outside facility.
  3. No alcoholic beverage of any type may be “sold” during the celebration.  Alcohol may be served only if a Police Officer is present.  No glass containers allowed.
  4. No alcoholic beverage of any type will be allowed at any YOUTH ORIENTED event. 
  5. Smoking is prohibited in all facilties.


Usage Fees


Rental Fee                              Parishioner                    Non-Parishioner


Church (Sanctuary)                             $400                                   $600




Molchan Hall (Capacity 80)     


         Fridays                                     $650                                      $750


         Saturdays                                 $750                                      $850


No alcohol or DJ allowed




For reservations or information, please contact Cindy Quinones on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between the hours of 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at the Church Office (210) 435-6211.  Appointment to view facility can also be made during that time. 


Thank you for your consideration and respect of our time.