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Are you in need of prayer or does someone you know need prayer, please visit our Prayer Site to submit.

We live in a time where we all can use prayer, not only send God our petitions but also to draw closer to God to him.

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Holy Mass

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Please support KoC and SVDP.

Sundays of the drive, the 21st and 28th of March we will set up a table in front of the St Vincent DePaul office for drive-by donations.
Covid-19 Info

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Parish News

Your brothers miss you! So let’s get together this month, February 15th, 2020 at 7:00 p.m How? Well, thanks to Zoom, we’re going to meet in-person virtually (so, it’s not really in-person). Please contact Luis Martinez in the church office for more information on the zoom link.  Come join us and spend time with your brothers in fellowship, prayer, an a reading from the Gospel.

Visit website, click on imager to the left, to view services available for seniors living in Texas, outlines helpful city and state programs, and allows users to find the best assisted living facilities in their community.

Have you downloaded our St. Dominic App? If you haven’t, you don’t know what you’re missing. With this App you can receive our weekly parish messages and updates, view a digital copy of our bulletin, view our recorded Masses and much, much more. Download it today! See instructions below.

Text app to phone number 88202 or visit MyParishApp.Com to download.

We are accepting Mass Intentions, for the sick, for the de- ceased, and for other special celebration, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries etc. You may drop off, call or email your intentions to:

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