ACTS - Adoration, Community, Theology, Service


An ACTS weekend is a three-day Catholic lay retreat presented by fellow parishioners like you who are also past retreatants. It is intended for anyone who wants to develop a closer relationship with Christ. The purpose of the weekend is to instill in the retreatant a new or deeper relationship with the Lord and fellow parishioners through Adoration and daily prayer; through Community in one's parish as a member of the Body of Christ; through Theology by encouraging more study of our faith through God's word; and to instill a virtue of Service to our Lord, our parish, and to each other. These four themes are the focus of an ACTS retreat.
The ACTS movement started at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Selma in 1987. It has evolved to become a weekend retreat patterned after the description of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles (ACTS 2:42-47): breaking bread together, worshipping together, receiving instruction together, sharing in common, and reaching out in loving service. No two retreats are exactly alike. Each one is unique because of the individuality of each team that leads the retreat.
The retreat weekend is a chance to relax and focus on your faith journey. Holy Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church are the guides for the experience. Spiritual direction will be available during the Retreat. The weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ends with Mass at St Dominic's Catholic Church on Sunday morning at 12:00 noon. Following Mass a reception will be provided for retreatants, their families and members of the ACTS Ministry.