The Pastoral Council is the chief consultative body to the Pastor. The Pastoral Council brings issues and concerns to the Pastor for discernment and recommends practical ways of addressing them to enable the parish to carry out its mission. The Parish Council listens to the concerns of the Pastor and the spiritual needs of the parishioners, exercising stewardship with the gifts of the parish. The Pastoral Council shares responsibility with the Pastor for building up the faith community.

Through prayer and discernment, the Pastoral Council with the Pastor, reach decisions through consensus and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pastoral Council members are selected from parishioners who have volunteered to be on the Council and approved by the Pastor. Cannon Law 536.

All Pastoral Council members serve for three year terms. Canidates for a position in the Pastoral Council are solicited from among parishioners when a vacancy occurs. Current members review candidates and select by majority vote.

Pastoral Council Members

Estella Gonzalez, Chairperson (210) 521-2636

Yoli Singh

Eli Balderas

Laura A. Carmona

Manolo Razuri

Irene Witt (210) 434-9709

Elizabeth Clark


Robert Leos